Teambuilding events of a special kind

Lounge chairs and monotonous front speakers were yesterday - the motto for successful teambuildings today is: Get out of everyday life! And where could you do that better than at Austria's most beautiful playground? Let your co-workers and colleagues demonstrate their teamplayer qualities and achieve top performances with plenty of horsepower. Whether on- or offroad and with or without engines, you can awaken and strengthen the cooperation and the role of each individual in your team.

Business and motor sport have one thing in common: Without a functioning team, success is not possible. That's why we are a real professionals at the Spielberg when it comes to teambuilding. This is how the Red Bull Ring provides you with a wealth of opportunities to engage your employees with experiences, extraordinary tasks and exciting competitions.

Anyone who races in a go-kart with his colleagues, masters the most difficult courses in a bad-car-challenge or tests his touch in an offroad-driving-experience on the 4wd-test-track - he will see them in a different light. With a colleague as co-pilot, you can cross demanding terrrain togehter at the Offroad Buggy Experience or experience true racing-feeling at a KTM X-Bow Experience. The pit stop game is also demanding - skill, full body use


and team spirit are in demand, because the critical seconds of the pit stop can decide the race.

Get out of your daily routine, get out of the office - the many possibilities at the Red Bull Ring give your team the unique opportunity to get to know each other in a completely new environment, to experience the strengths of others in a new way and to apply what you learned when you get back to work. Nothing forms a team better than the jointly experienced and the joint success.

If you want your employees to become even more than just a team - your exactly right at the Spielberg.

We would be happy to provide you with a personal consultation and provide you with an individual offer for your teambuilding.

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Teambuilding at the most beautiful playground in Austria - work hard 'n' play hard
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