Incentives & Teambuilding

Book non-car incentives

Lounge chairs and monotonous front speakers were yesterday - the motto for successful teambuildings today is: Get out of everyday life! And where could you do that better than at Austria's most beautiful playground? Let your co-workers and colleagues demonstrate their teamplayer qualities and achieve top performances with plenty of horsepower. Whether on- or offroad and with or without engines, you can awaken and strengthen the cooperation and the role of each individual in your team.

Book a Pit Stop Game Incentive

Let your customers experience a real-life pit stop, change the tires of a F1 car and activate the F1 topic in ...

Incentive: book the laser shooting range

This experience that challenges both mind and body demands one thing above all: focus. In the middle of the ...

Book a company excursion: Red Bull Ring Tour

How does it feel to stand on the podium like a Formula 1 or MotoGP World Champion, looking down on the ...

Book a golf incentive

Would you like to tee off on the driving range? Or perhaps improve your handicap on a spectacular course? ...

Team building: Dinghy experience on the Mur River

It’s fun to take a boat trip of course, but rafting offers so much more. With a bit of skill and ...

Book a bike tour incentive

Cycking follows business. The routes, set especially for bikers, run through the beautiful natural setting of ...


Experience fascinating motorsport up close and drive a thoroughbred racing car around the Red Bull Ring in one ...

Baking bread

Learn this ancient craft during our bread baking course. Together with experienced bread bakers and ...

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