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Everything you need to know about your exciting and unforgettable weekend in Austria’s most fascinating leisure destination is gathered for you within our event guide. Within the event guide you’ll find information about your ticket, the arrival plan and different options where to stay. In addition, you’ll find the timetable as well as many other interesting details about the "Formula 1 Großer Preis der Steiermark". Under "access criteria", you will furthermore find a list with all items that are permitted and not permitted at the event site.


Due to the extraordinary situation this year, we have compiled for this years Formula 1 a list of the most frequently asked questions about the "Formula 1 Großer Preis der Steiermark 2021".

Will there be two Formula 1 Grands Prix at the Red Bull Ring in 2021?

Yes. The Formula 1 Großer Preis der Steiermark will take place from 25th to 27th of June and the Formula 1 Großer Preis von Österreich 2021 is currently due to take place as planned from 2 July to 4 July at the Red Bull Ring.

Are there any entry restrictions to Austria or special entry requirements (eg quarantine)?

The current entry regulations for Austria as well as frequently asked questions about entering Austria can be found on the website of the Austrian Ministry of Social Affairs on the following link:

What do you have to pay attention to when travelling from abroad?

The current entry regulations for Austria as well as frequently asked questions about entering Austria can be found on the website of the Austrian Ministry of Social Affairs on the following link:

What rules will there be on entry? (e.g. vaccination, negative test result)

Please note that upon entry to the Red Bull Ring grounds, you must be readily available to show proof that you are tested, vaccinated, or recovered.


PCR (72h from sample collection); Antigen (authorised body / 48h from sample collection); Digital self-test (recorded in an official data processing system of the federal states / 24h from sample collection); Student test Ninja (full validity for 48h from last entry (sticker) - not valid on Sunday!).

Children from the age of 10 must be tested


Exempt from compulsory testing for 6 months after expiry of infection!

The following papers serve as proof

- Certificate of segregation
- Medical confirmation of a molecular biological confirmed infection

Proof of neutralising antibodies counts for 3 months from the date of testing.

Vaccination (time):

- The first vaccination is valid from the 22nd day after the 1st sting for a maximum of 3 months from the date of vaccination.
- The 2nd sting extends the validity period by a further 6 months (thus a total of 9 months from the 1st sting).
- Vaccines for which only one vaccination is scheduled (Janssen - Johnson & Johnson) are valid from the 22nd day after vaccination for a total of 9 months from the date of vaccination
- For recovered persons who have previously been vaccinated once, the vaccination is valid for 9 months from the date of vaccination.

Approved vaccines according to EMA

- Comirnaty from the manufacturer BioNTech/Pfizer
- Moderna from the manufacturer Moderna
- Vaxzevira from the manufacturer AstraZeneca
- Janssen from the manufacturer Janssen (Johnson & Johnson)

Is there a Covid testing facility on site at the Red Bull Ring?

Yes, there is a test station on site. Antigen and PCR tests are available with a fee of - Antigen: € 33 / PCR: € 89.

Pre-registration is available here:

There are signs set up on site that direct you to the test station.

Subject to changes

How does access work with the “3G” rule (test, recovery, vaccination)?

1. The supervising staff will be in the parking lot asking each individual for their proof of one of the “3G”’s (test, recovery, vaccination).

2. A valid proof of one of the 3G’s must be presented at the checkpoint in combination with a valid event ticket. A wristband with a QR code will then be handed out.

3. QR wristband and event ticket will be scanned for access to the event area.

Subject to changes

Are masks mandatory?

FFP2 masks are mandatory for all persons aged 14 and up for the entire event site.

This does not apply to the grandstand seats.

Subject to changes

Where do I find a timetable for the races?

The timetable for the races can be found in time in the Spielberg app at "Program" or here:

Will the races be shown on TV?

The millions of motorsport fans around the world will have the opportunity to follow the races on the Red Bull Ring via TV and online. You can find the broadcast dates in detail on your local television programme.

My question is not covered here. Who can I contact?

You can reach the information office from 8.00 am till 6.00 pm at +43 3577 202 or

Are there tickets sold for the race weekend?

All the information regarding tickets can be found here.

What will happen to tickets in the event of a cancellation or an order to hold the event without spectators?

Tickets that have already been purchased will be fully refunded, provided that you bought them from Projekt Spielberg or

Subject to change

Since 25 May, there has been an entry ban from the UK. What happens to tickets that have already been purchased?

Due to the current entry regulations from Great Britain, tickets that have already been purchased will be refunded and the full purchase price will be reimbursed, provided that you have purchased them from Projekt Spielberg or (ticket refund).


It is not clear whether I will be allowed to leave my country of origin (especially UK and USA). Is it possible to cancel the tickets in the event of a ban on international travel?

If it is not possible to leave your country of origin due to legal or official regulations on the race weekend, you can request a refund of the purchase price (ticket refund).

Access Criteria
Terms & Conditions – FORMULA 1

It is a condition of public admission to the FORMULA 1 GROSSER PREIS DER STEIERMARK 2021 (“Event”) that all ticketholders comply with the following rules:

  1. 1.    The ticket is purchased for the Event. The date of the Event and/or the support program may be subject to change without refund of monies or exchange of ticket. With regard to the special conditions granted for individual ticket categories, Projekt Spielberg GmbH & Co KG (“Promoter”) reserves the right to change or restrict the conditions, number of offers and duration at any time. Tickets made available free of charge or at a discount can generally or in number be linked to the purchase of non-reduced tickets. Up to two free children's tickets can be purchased with the purchase of an adult ticket, subject to availability. With regard to the event, refunds or exchanges are excluded, except in the event of cancellation of the event, unless in this case other legal provisions apply. No booking charge will be refunded if the Event is cancelled. No tickets are transferable to other events. Tickets to the Event are strictly nontransferable and not for resale. No ticket for the Event shall be sold or offered for sale for any form of fee or reward without the prior written consent of the Promoter first being obtained and without complying with these terms and conditions in all respects. No ticket for the Event shall be used by any person for advertising, promotional or commercial purposes including without limitation, prizes, competitions, contests, sweepstakes or packaged with hospitality or other products without the prior written consent of the Promoter and Formula One World Championship Limited (“FOWC”) first being obtained. The Promoter reserves the right to refuse admission to (or eject from) the Red Bull Ring (“Venue”) to any person (a) not complying with these terms and conditions or (b) who is in possession of a ticket which has been sold or used other than in compliance with these terms and conditions.

    2.    You must not make, create, store, record or transmit any kind of sound recording, visual footage or audio-visual footage (Recording), or store, record or transmit any information or other data, including official timing results, performance, telemetry, weather or race control data (Data) of, at, or in relation to the Event. It is forbidden to take into the Venue any equipment that may enable you to do the aforementioned acts. Personal electronic devices (Including still image cameras, mobile telephones and other handheld personal communications devices) are permitted within the Venue unless otherwise advised, provided that any Recording, Data and any Image, including photographic Images and any still pictures derived or capable of being derived from a Recording (Image) of the Event that is recorded, stored and/or created thereon is used for personal, private and non-commercial purposes only.

    3.    As a condition of entry to the Venue you agree that (a) the use of any such Recording, Data or Image for any form of public advertisement display, commercial gain or for any other purpose (except for your private enjoyment) without the prior written consent of FOWC is strictly forbidden and will constitute a breach of these terms and conditions for which you may be liable; and (b) on request by the Promoter or FOWC, you shall assign to FOWC in writing the copyright and all other intellectual property in any Image or Recording that you create, make, store or record of, at or in relation to the Event; and (c) you consent to the use by FOWC (and by any third party authorized by FOWC from time to time) for the purposes of or in connection with any publication, exhibition or broadcast (including any advertising or promotional literature, campaign or material) in any media worldwide and approved by FOWC at any still or moving picture images taken at the Event where such Image includes any image of you and you waive any and all of your personality and privacy rights to the extent necessary to permit such use.

    4.    You hereby acknowledge that motor racing the Event and certain activities associated therewith (including without limitation, support events) are dangerous. The Promoter, sanctioning bodies, FIA, FOWC and its affiliates, including Formula One Management Limited, Formula One Licensing B.V., Formula One Asset Management Limited, FIA, Formula One Hospitality and Event Services Limited, Formula One Marketing Limited and Formula Motorsport Limited, persons involved in the organization of the Event (including officials, marshals, rescue and medical staff), the competitors and drivers (such parties to include where relevant all directors, officers, employees, agents, contractors and affiliated companies), are not responsible for any loss or damage howsoever caused to you or your property to the maximum extent permitted by Austrian law (save that nothing in these conditions limits or excludes (i) liability for death or personal injury arising out of the negligence of any at the above mentioned parties, or (ii) any damage incurred by way of fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation by any of the above mentioned parties).

    5.    It’s forbidden to use the name of the Event or part thereof (nor any abbreviation or foreign language version thereof) nor any logo or graphic device of or relating to the Event for any commercial purpose without the prior written consent of FOWC

    6.    By accepting the ticket, the visitor of the Venue submits to the site rules and the access criteria in its current version.

    7.    For security measures, you may be refused admission to/removed from the Venue/searched by officials/ filmed by CCTV.

    8.    The Promoter reserves the right to make amendments to these Terms and Conditions from time to time where it has a valid reason to do so (including, without limitation, a change in the operational, security or health and safety requirements of the Promoter and/or Venue.;


    The F1 FORMULA 1 logo, F1 logo, FORMULA 1, F1, FIA FORMULA ONE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP, GRAND PRIX, FORMULA 1 GROSSER PREIS VON ÖSTERREICH, FORMULA 1 GROSSER PREIS DER STEIERMARK and related marks are trademarks of Formula One Licensing BV, a Formula 1 company. All rights reserved.

    10.    GOVERNED LAW

    These terms and conditions shall be governed by Austrian law excluding the UN Sales Convention and the referral rules of Austrian private international law.

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