Taking on Red Bull Ring: Explained by Max Kofler

Prior to the start of his Home-Grand-Prix in the Moto3 class at Spielberg, we met the 16-year-old and asked him to explain the secrets of the Red Bull Ring.

Max Kofler is the new Austrian in the Motorcycle World Championship. Prior to the start of his Home-Grand-Prix in the Moto3 class at Spielberg, we met the 16-year-old and asked him to explain the secrets of the Red Bull Ring. Taking stock: There are many overtaking possibilities and much more room for error. Here’s his track explanation:

Turn 1:

The key here is to nail the apex. If you’re late will be forced to leave the track and risk a penalty. If you get the line right, you can carry a lot of momentum into the next, long straight.

Turn 2:

Don’t think about, just take it flat out.

Turn 3:

From 6th gear down to 1st, it’s a perfect overtaking point. It’s also important to carry as much momentum as possible into the following Schönberg-Straight.

Turn 4:

This is the most difficult point on the track. The corner drops slightly and hangs a bit to the outside, the bike wants to push the front wheel. This corner is a perfect place to out-brake your opponents.

Turn 5:

Another right hander, on a Moto3 bike this one is taken flat-out.

Turn 6 + 7:

Change of direction – after all those right-hand corners, the tires have cooled down a bit on the left-hand side and you have to be aware of that. These two corners can make or break the rest of your lap. If you are too late here, you won't get back onto the right line until you reach the finish line.

Turn 8:

This corner comes with a clear task for the rider: lean over quickly, shift up fast and don't get pushed too wide to the outside.

Turn 9:

A blind bend at the Red Bull Ring since you can't see the apex when entering. Hard to take.

Turn 10:

The narrowest point of the track and here you have to be careful not to get pushed too far to the outside. Make sure you carry a lot of momentum into the home straight.

And what’s the opinion of an experienced rider? We asked Stefan Bradl

Superbike-Racer Stefan Bradl is on duty at the Spielberg for the Servus TV channel as expert commentator. Bradl believes that turn 4 is the most important on the track.

At the Red Bull Ring, you have to brake hard all the time, but Turn 4 is the biggest challenge for me. After the Schönberg-Straight you are approaching the corner with incredibly high speeds and have to down-shift back to second gear going downhill – and the bike is pushing a lot.

The last section provides me with the most pleasure. Turns 9 and 10 are very fluent and two corners that you can takes as one if you get the line right. This is without a doubt the most beautiful part of the Red Bull Ring.

Overtaking at the Red Bull Ring? Actually, this is possible everywhere, and is what makes this track so special.


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