Everything you need to know for a perfect race Sunday

Arrive early, leave late – and enjoy Sunday’s action to the fullest. All info from our Early Bird programme through to the DJ Ötzi concert in the evening.

1. Early Bird Action

Everyone who arrives early (gates open at 7 o’clock) gets a croissant, a coffee and a can of Red Bull for free. Vouchers (while stocks last) will be handed out at the entrance and are valid for the Fanzone.

And it’s worth noting that everyone arriving early can get a great spot on the Styrian Green Carpet (starting at 9) and greet the teams and drivers as they arrive on race day.

2. Entertainment in the F1 Fanzone starts at 7 am

While our Early Birds are enjoying their breakfast from 7 am, the Niki Lauda documentary "Summa cum Lauda" will be shown on the main stage. The Fanzone F1 action programme – including the race simulator, Pitstop, Fitness, TV and Reaction Challenges – begins at 8 am.

3. Last minute tickets…

… are still available at the box offices from 7.30 am to 3 pm. All Info click here.

4. It’s going to be hot – Am I allowed to bring drinks?

Don’t worry, you can bring plastic bottles and drinking cans into the Red Bull Ring  – in fact we recommend it: it’s going to be very hot on race Sunday. If you haven’t come prepared, everything you need to cope with the heat will be on hand at the “HOFER Event Filiale” but there will be stands around the grandstands. Make sure you bring some suncream and something to protect your head!

5. Download the Spielberg App – it’s free!

Get in pole position with the Spielberg App! Traffic information, programme, best arrival routes and current weather situation: everything you need in one App! At the “pit radio”, you can get all the latest news all around the clock – and you can check your Cashless Card’s balance at any time in the App too.

Download Android                                       Download iPhone

6. Take the bike

Leave your car and take the bike and avoid queues on the way in. There’s two “Park-&-Bike” lots around the circuit. Get all info on arriving via push bike here.

7. Stay in front of the stage – and not in the traffic jam

There’s lots more to come after the chequered flag drops: directly after Sunday’s race, DJ Felice will take over the party at the F1 Fanzone with DJ Ötzi stepping on stage at 6.00 pm.

That’s how beautiful Formula 1 is! The best pictures from Day 1 and Day 2!

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