Formula 4

Weight: 570 kg
Capacity: 1.400 ccm
Cylinder: -

Power (kw/ps): 154/210
0-100: 3,7 sec
Max speed: 240 km/h

Take a Formula 4 for a spin around the Red Bull Ring.

Choose The Formula 4 Driving Experience

 Formula 4 Experience Laps on the Red Bull Ring (Experience Track, approx. 2.4 km)

If you’ve ever wanted to make racing history yourself, then Formula 4 Laps of a Lifetime are just what you need. After only a brief introduction, you can go out on the track. Take the wheel and slip into the role of a real motorsport hero.


Formel 4 - Bronze Package 5 laps € 430,-
Formel 4 - Silber Package 10 laps € 675,-
Formel 4 - Gold Package 20 laps € 1.050,-
Formel 4 additional laps per additional lap € 90,-
The package includes... Bronze Package Silber Package Gold Package
Welcome & registration at the Driving Center x x x
Driver briefing: Vehicle and route briefing by instructors x x x
Equipment for the duration of the driving activity:
- Integral helmet with full-face visor (incl. balaclava) x x x
- Racing suit x x x
Driving time per package 5 laps 10 laps 20 laps
Video recording during the ride o o x
Certificate x x x
Debriefing (debriefing session with instructor) x x x

x.... included in the respective package
o.... optionally available

* The rates indicated refer only to driving sessions for private persons on the pre-defined dates. Different rates apply for company events that have been exclusively arranged for certain dates.

Please find the closed track dates here.

Dates available at any time on request.

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 Platinum Training

You want to feel like a pro and race around the track in real formula-car? You can let this dream come true at the Red Bull Ring. Incredible acceleration, extreme speed in all the turns, breathtaking breaking and lots of adrenaline. Once in the life of every motorsportsfan that’s a must!

New highlight at the Red Bull Ring

The Formula 4 Training is new at the Red Bull Ring. A four-hour motorsports-package with lots of fast cars. A Formula 4 (210 hp, 0 to 100 in 3.7 seconds), a Porsche Cayman S (350 hp, 0 to 100 in 4.2 seconds) and a KTM X-Bow (330 hp, 0 to 100 in 3.9 seconds).

The schedule

After a short introduction your racing-day starts with 20 minutes lead & follow in a Porsche Cayman S and KTM X-Bow respectively. Your coach will get you on the racing line and help with tipps and tricks regarding your curve-, viewing- and steering-skills. You will love going round the Red Bull Ring in the Porsche. 285 km/h top-speed in the straights, incredible turns and cross-acceleration that will take your breath away.

After that you’ll go free-wheeling in KTM X-Bow. The monocoque only weighs 80 kilograms, while the formula-inspired aerodynamics give the X-Bow a contact-pressure of 100 kg at a speed of 200 km/h – and that gives you cross-accelerations of up to 2g! At the following video-analysis of your on-board-footage, your performance on the race-track will analyzed and optimized.

Save the best for last: Formula 4

You’ll only need a short introduction to grab the steering-wheel of the Formula 4 – including your personal video-analysis. Feel the acceleration, when it goes from 0 to 100 in only 3.7 seconds and experience what 210 hp for a weight of only 570 kg truly mean. You’ll be led during the first laps, before you get a chance to tackle the racing line all on your own. An instructor and two supporters will brief you and help you.

Price per person

€ 1590,- incl. lunch

Please note that the Formula 4 Training is limited to five participants. Reserve your spot now!

For all those who want to go the “extra mile” there’ll be enough time to do a couple of extra experience laps at the Red Bull Ring.

Please find the closed track dates here.

New dates coming soon

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