The Offroad Bike Track

Enduro: There is life in the copses on the western side of the Red Bull Ring: it is here that the single-track Endurist lives. For many years threatened with extinction, he has found a new home in Spielberg. Three different trails with diverse degrees of difficulty enable him to cultivate his instinct for play. Upward and downward slopes, decline sections and winding passages are a paradise for all - from the beginner through to the those who defy the laws of gravity - and transform the ordinary Endurist into a happy Endurist.

Trial: His friend, the trial rider, feels at ease alongside the Red Bull Ring: his natural habitat is the northern part of the terrain, where an enormous adventure playground has been prepared for him - with obstacles of every kind and the most diverse degrees of difficulty. Furthermore, a separate starter trail offers the best prerequisites for the first trial laps.

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Experiences with engine

A new world begins behind that of the start-finish straight. The world of softly whispering four-stroke karts. A small motorsports adventure land with tight bends and hot asphalt.

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Red Bull