The Red Bull Ring

Hermann Tilke himself has taken care of the re-design of the new Red Bull Ring. What developed is a racetrack that resembles an adventure park, which has been homologised by the FIA as “Grade A”. 

The length of 4.318 km corresponds to the Grand Prix circuit from 1996 until 2003. Two junctions on the racetrack enable a divisionin the northern and southern stretches. A special feature of the racetrack are the differences in elevation  (maximum uphill grade 12%, maximum downhill grade 9.3%).

Heroes of the tarmac - motorsports-events at the Red Bull Ring

The opening of the Red Bull Ring brought the tradition of racing into a new aera. Top-events like Formula 1, ADAC GT Masters or MotoGP excite the fans who can closer to the action than anyhwere else. In June 2014 the Formula 1 returned, and in 2016 the MotoGP followed.

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Driving experiences at the Red Bull Ring

At the Red Bull Ring everything is possible if it has to do with acceleration and adrenaline. Not only are the newest cars and bikes waiting in the garage for the guests, they will also be coached by celebrity-drivers and seasoned instructors. Whether you want to take on the track in a sportscar or on a motorbike - the decision is yours. You can experience cross-accelaration at the kart track or seek perfection with a coach.

The driving experiences

Experiences with engine

A new world begins behind that of the start-finish straight. The world of softly whispering four-stroke karts. A small motorsports adventure land with tight bends and hot asphalt.

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