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Little towns have the appearance of environmental paintings drawn into the foothills of the alps. The Mur makes its way through the vast, green fields and stony shores. And plenty of exciting attractions and playgrounds for all ages are located just in between.

Adventure Erzberg

Climb up Styria’s Erzberg, the iron mountain – a still active open-pit mining area, by using the biggest ...

Seckau Abbey

Consecrated as an abbey church in 1164, the Benedictine Abbey of Seckau today is a popular daytrip ...

Aquarien- and Terrarienclub Pöls

A big adventure for the whole family. Many of different reptilian and exotic fishes await you. The club house ...

Beetle-Car museum

It has made a greater impact than any other car: the VW Beetle. Relive the fascination of this cult model with ...

Carnival museum

The carnival tradition goes back to Roman times. The museum houses thousands of exhibits, from carnival guild ...

Edelsteine Krampl

The Austrian Broadcasting Corporation (ORF) presented this gem-cutting workshop in the “Klingendes ...

Rachau treetop hiking route

Europe’s highest treetop hiking route offers 2.7km of unspoilt nature and breath-taking panoramic views of ...

Railway museum

The history of the railway, the technology behind steam, diesel and electric engines, numerous exhibits such ...

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