Schaubergwerk Oberzeiring

Historic Silver Mine in Oberzeiring

There are many stories about the mine of Oberzeiring: It could have been the largest in the Eastern-Alps, the miners were rich people, but due to their excessive life the village seemed to be damned. It is certain, that ample galleries tell fascinating stories: about a lot of silver that was founded here; about miners working in smoke and sparse lighting; about silver coins called “Zeiringer Pfennig”, which were engraved in Oberzeiring and were an authorized medium of circulation in  the Middle Ages. Everybody going underground in the silver mine of Oberzeiring today will experience a very old myth, which has been attracting people for many centuries and still is present.

Schaubergwerk Oberzeiring

Experiences without engine

Little towns have the appearance of environmental paintings drawn into the foothills of the alps. The Mur makes its way through the vast, green fields and stony shores. And plenty of exciting attractions and playgrounds for all ages are located just in between.

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