Farmer's banquet at Landhotel Schönberghof

Juicy, not too fat, not a dry piece and the crust should really crack - this is how a roast pork must always be. Hearty and with cabbage and dumplings. The crowning glory is the farmers' banquet: when a spicy smoked meat, a piece of Blunz'n and all sorts of other fine pork products are also on the plate. In the rustic and cosy Landhotel Schönberghof, Anke Kresse and her kitchen team now serve this typical Austrian delicacy.

The view from the restaurant and the terrace extends over the entire route of the Red Bull Ring. The food is served as in the old days: the large plate is placed in the middle of the table and everyone touches it heartily. Until there is no piece left. As always, it is important to the master of the art of cooking that the ingredients are regional and the meat is supplied by the farmers of the Mur valley.

However, because real enjoyment alone is only half the fun - please come at least with 6 companions!

We ask for a reservation five days in advance.

Price for the farmers' feast per person: 19 Euro


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