Did you know that the Red Bull Ring is home to a special ‘sweet’ workshop? At our patisserie, creative confectioners use their passion to sweeten every visitor’s day. And the best thing is that they not only supply the Projekt Spielberg businesses, but also deliver their treats to your home!

Let us sweeten up your life
Every event benefits from a little dash of sweetness. From baptisms to important anniversaries, from company events to jolly parties with friends. From dignified dinner parties to casual garden parties.

Put your trust in the works of art created by our patissiers – they always come up with something special.

Cakes in a jar or extravagant tiered creations?
Sometimes an artistic wedding cake with festive decoration is just the right thing, other occasions require ‘sweet tables’ or little ‘give-aways’. Special events, on the other hand, may call for quaint designs on the cake or shapes to go with a particular motto. Café Wasserturm will also gladly deliver its delicious little tartlets and cake squares to your home.

Your wish is our command!
Simply talk to our pastry chef about the details of your project and give him and his team a few days to put your ideas into practice. We guarantee that the result will be a feast for the eyes and your palate alike.


Only the best is good enough!
From fruit and chocolate cakes, pralines, cupcakes, sweet treats in jars to macaroons or classics such as Charlotte and Black Forest cherry-chocolate cake: Their amazing taste is in their ingredients. Naturally, our patisserie only uses the best of the best. It sources its chocolate from Valrhona in France, its eggs from Herk in Kobenz and its flour is ground at the Uitz mill in Knittelfeld. Its dairy products come fresh from Obersteirische Molkerei.

We take the time to make sure your ideas are implemented perfectly
We would like to take the time to meet your requirements. Contact our pastry chef to make sure we can plan and implement your ideas perfectly. Custom cakes with special designs are ready within one week, regular individual cakes within three days. Wedding cakes and ‘sweet tables’ are planned in more detail and should be discussed approximately one month in advance.

Please send an e-mail to one of the Projekt Spielberg businesses or to

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