Experiencing Formula 1 from the Schönberg grandstand

The best views of the AustrianGP: Get your tickets for the Schönberg grandstand now!

We can’t wait for the AustrianGP 2020: Which is why, this year, we will offer tickets for a particularly amazing place to witness the race on Austrian’s Grand Prix course. F1 fans can now get their hands on tickets for the grandstand along the legendary Schönberg straight with the best views of the track!

Neck-and-neck fights and spectacular braking manoeuvres

Tickets for the Schönberg grandstand allow fans to be extra close to the action when stars such as Max Verstappen, Charles Leclerc, Sebastian Vettel, Alex Albon or Pierre Gasly fight with speeds higher than 300 km/h. “The Schönberg straight is one of the most difficult places on the Red Bull Ring as it ends in a downhill braking zone,” says Max Verstappen. The Dutchman knows what he’s talking about: At the AustrianGP 2019 and following a dramatic chase he gained the upper hand over Charles Leclerc after turn 3 at the beginning of the Schönberg straight. Thus: The grandstand offers the best views of the cars blasting by at top speed as well as the action in turns 3 and 4!

Many highlights await spectators

Every year, Formula 1’s stop at the Red Bull Ring guarantees lots of action, even off the 4.318 km track and 2020 will be no exception. Get your ticket for this “hands-on” motorsport festival and enjoy side event highlights such as the Public Pitlane Walk, the Styrian Green Carpet, the Legends Parade, air and stunt shows as well as concerts and autograph sessions at the F1 Fanzone.

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