2017 July 9

A big day for little people: Meet the escort kids

Here’s how Luutzen, Valentin, Felix and Mario feel a couple of hours before one of the most extraordinary experiences of their lives.

Like footballers walking out into the stadium, the F1 drivers are accompanied by 22 happy young escort kids as they walk out for the driver’s parade before the #AustrianGP at Spielberg. So how do you get to be an F1 escort kid? Simple: all you need is a ticket to the race, a completed application form and – of course – some luck.

Since they are part of the main attraction, we interviewed the escort kids before their starring role:

Who’s looking forward to the race?

Big smiles and everyone raises his arm.

OK, that was as a silly question. What makes today a cool day?

Mario: Because I am going out with Vettel. I caught a good one. (They all laugh).

Felix: It's a special experience – especially because yesterday was my birthday (he beams).

Ok, well, Happy Birthday then. Why is this birthday so special?

Felix: I find it mega cool to give an interview. And today also will be awesome.

What do the others think?

Valentin: For me this is a special weekend because my sister is one of the  Formula Unas and I get to accompany Romain Grosjean.

Do you have a message to your sister?

Valentin: Yes, I do: good luck – everything is going to go well.

We will let her know. Which team has the best-looking car?

Mario: Red Bull... Or Ferrari.

(The others nod in agreement.)

Who is the coolest driver?

Luutzen: Max Verstappen.

And why?

Luutzen: He's a Dutchman – just like me. And a really cool guy.

Is there anything else you want to do in while you’re here?

Mario: Yes, I’d rather drive myself. Preferably in a Ferrari.

Luutzen: I want to eat something really tasty and I want to see the Porsche Cup.

The most important question to the end: Who’s going to win the #AustrianGP?

Felix: Vettel. Hamilton will have a hard time because he has a grid penalty.

And if it’s not Vettel?

Felix: Then Max.

Luutzen: I’d like Max to win, but I don’t think he will. Most of the time he finishes fifth. But I do I fancy Vettel ‘s chances.

The escort kids are having the following programme at this year’s 2017 race day:

    When? Race Sunday around 12:30 at the drivers parade prior to the start.

    Where? At the start-finish-straight holding the hand of a Formula One Driver.

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