2015 June 7

Ten reasons why you should not miss the "Formula 1 Großer Preis von Österreich"

Ten reasons why...

1.) A stone’s throw: you can reach the Red Bull Ring in next to no time

Spielberg is located perfectly for a weekend of Formula 1 in Austria, with manageable distances from neighbouring countries. It is just 141 kilometres from Maribor to the Red Bull Ring, 279 kilometres from Udine and 391 kilometres away from Munich. It is only Switzerland, of Austria’s neighbouring countries, which is less advantaged. Those travelling from Bern should reckon on an eight-hour journey. It’s well worth it though, we promise!

2.) Ways of getting in: your weekend ticket offers you more this year

Get hold of the best tickets for the Grand Prix in Spielberg. Our tip: treat yourself to a weekend ticket – there are a lot of extras included on that this year, from free entry to the concerts up to exclusive access to Formula 1 testing at the Red Bull Ring.  

Everything that your weekend ticket has to offer.

3.) Pit Lane Walk: you can see F1 up close and personal

The pit lane is normally a very private place purely for the experts, but on Thursday 18 June, the hallowed confines will be open to all the fans in the afternoon from 15:05 to 18:30 – promising an exclusive experience for everyone who has a weekend ticket.

4.) Concerts: you can delight your ears

There is going to be a party atmosphere on Friday and Saturday – making sure of that will be concerts from The Boss Hoss, Andreas Gabalier, Tagträumer and Twin Atlantic. You can enjoy free entry on both days with your F1 ticket.

An overview of all the concerts

5.) Atmosphere: you are going to be amazed

The Formula 1 Grand Prix is going to be a real family festival – with loads of side acts, parties and whole throngs of celebrities. There is traditionally a wonderful atmosphere around the campsites, in particular – which offers a bit of a mix between Woodstock and a chillax holiday. That’s the way we party in Austria!

6.) Formula Unas: you can look forward to seeing the F1 girls

Every racing team will be accompanied by four Austrian grid girls for the entire Grand Prix weekend. To the delight of the drivers (above all Sebastian Vettel), the young ladies will wear hand-produced original traditional dirndls from the Styria region and showcase the range of regional tradition. Sheer beauty.

7.) Going back in time: you can see legendary drivers and cars

Niki Lauda, Alain Prost, Jean Alesi, Nelson Piquet and Riccardo Patrese are inviting you on a trip back to the good old days. By driving their original cars from the 1980s, they will allow you to relive a time in which the engines still had 1,400 horsepower, without any technical aids that needed to be managed.

Who is taking part in the Legends Parade?

8.) Hospitality: you can get to know the Styria region

The Red Bull Ring is located in one of the most spectacular parts of Austria with its hearty cuisine, exciting traditional and modern culture, as well as plenty of beautiful landscape to relax in. Whether you want fast-paced action or more sedate enjoyment – the Red Bull Ring has both to offer.

9.) Red Bull Ring: you can experience modern tradition

The history of Formula 1 in Austria has been written in Spielberg. The Grand Prix circuit has a long tradition, but the Red Bull Ring is also one of the most modern racing tracks in the world, which was reopened only in 2011. Particularly challenging for the drivers are its slopes, with maximum inclines of 12% uphill and 9.3% downhill. 

10.) Drivers: you can get within touching distance of the stars

Hunting autographs and selfies with the stars makes for unforgettable moments for the family album. Make the most of the opportunity, as the drivers enjoy the atmosphere around the Red Bull Ring so much they are particularly relaxed here.

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Formula 1 Großer Preis von Österreich

Here, we have summarised all topics and everything worth knowing regarding the "Formula 1 Großer Preis von Österreich" at the Red Bull Ring in Spielberg for you.

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