2017 July 9

This was the #AustrianGP 2017

The last day of the Formula One World Championship at the Spielberg is over and Valtteri Bottas is the delighted winner. Here’s a recap of the spectacular race day.

To the gallery!

As on Saturday, Sunday started with the Styrian Green Carpet – a meet-and-greet session where the F1 drivers and team principals met fans for autographs and to pose for selfies before heading into the paddock.

It’s exactly four hours to the start of the Grand Prix and we follow the Formula One stars through the tunnel, just to come up again on the other side of the track, but then in the paddock. Whom did we meet there? The singers from the Vienna Boys’ Choir are visiting the Red Bull Racing garage and all the young singers are impressed.

Director Luiz de Godoy ushers forward three young singers that we can interview:

It’s just a few hours before you are going to sing the Austrian national anthem LIVE at the Grand Prix. How are you feeling right now?

Philipp: I am excited. We are used to be being on TV but now we are here on this amazing race track. The anticipation is huge!

Are you fans of the Formula One?

Sascha: Yes. My favourite driver is Kimi Räikkönen, but Red Bull Racing have the coolest car, for sure.

Who is going to win today?

Fabian: Vettel. He’s got the best grid place and is the best driver.


14:00: The lights go out

The fans have admired the classic cars and great drivers on the Parade of Legends, the Austrian national anthem has been sung and the race starts. Moments later, Red Bull Racing driver Max Verstappen is forced to retire just a metres from the start. The Dutch driver is the innocent victim in an accident and has to call it a day for this race.

It’s the opposite story for Valtteri Bottas who gets a superb start and is able to defend his pole position from Vettel. The Finn driver goes on to win by a narrow margin of just 0.6 seconds over the Ferrari driver. Daniel Ricciardo gets to the finish 6 seconds further back to take third place.

Bottas – happy and thankful to claim the second win of his career:

“It was the best start of my life! I can only say ‘Thank you’. The team has been brilliant today. But we are have a long way to go in the season and we are still trying to develop and get improve. But for now I just want to enjoy this moment.”

But Vettel wasn’t quite so happy at the end:

“Somehow I’m happy with P2 but somehow I’m not. I could catch up with Valtteri, but not enough. Generally speaking, it was a good weekend. This race here in Austria is very important to me.”

Ricciardo was satisfied with his performances:

"For us as a team this weekend is a very important one, I’m very happy with the podium place. It means a lot to me. In the penultimate lap, Lewis nearly cracked me – the fact that I could keep my nerves and defend my position feels great."

What the paddock though of the #AustrianGP

Niki Lauda: “What is going on here is unbelievable! One country, one race, tens of thousands of visitors, emotions and highlights – there is no better way to do it than the way they do it here!”

Christian Horner: “What an amazing atmosphere! Spielberg is a unique race!”

Round nine of the season is over and it’s time for Formula One to say goodbye to Spielberg. We’d like to say thank you to the unbelievable 145,000 fans who visited over the race weekend and we look forward to welcoming you back next year!

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