2019 July 31

Drive a single-seater or a GT car at Red Bull Ring

If you've ever dreamed to drive an exciting racing car to emulate the Formula 1 champions or simply to drive a powerful Gran Turismo car through the curves of our Red Bull Ring, today that dream can turn into a beautiful reality.

Thanks to the agreement between the Circuit and Puresport, an Italian company that organize since 18 years single-seater piloting days, from Formula 3 to Formula 1, and driving experiences on GT cars, you can make that dream come true here.

In fact, Puresport offers two different formats to motor passionate and strong sensations addicted to experience a day as a driver. The first allows easy access to the world of sports cars, as you can drive cars like Ferrari 488 and 458, Lamborghini Huracan or Gallardo, Porsche GT3. But not immediately: before starting to drive a powerful car with more than 500 hp a briefing is organized where an instructor explains the secrets and tricks to take full advantage of the characteristics of the car on our challenging track. After having carried out a reconnaissance on board of a shuttle to become familiar with the environment of the track, you can get on board of the reserved car where you will find a professional instructor pilot at your side who will attend you during all the laps.

If you choose to drive a Formula car instead, the proposed format is different because it involves a whole day of driving, which starts with a specific brief for this kind of cars (transfer of weights, aerodynamics, braking, tire management) and then move directly into the box where the car assigned to you and the dedicated technician is waiting for you. Two planned driving sessions, among which telemetry verification is combined with instructor suggestions, spread in the crucial areas of the circuit and connected by radio to your technician. After lunch the day continues on the same car or on a more powerful single-seater, up to Formula 1 Arrows ex-Demon Hill, depending on your choice when ordering.

To experience this wonderful adventure on our exciting Red Bull Ring, you just have to go to www.puresport.at and choose the date and the driving formula you prefer: we are waiting to welcome you on track.

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