2017 July 31

Go with your Pro training with David Coulthard

Driving a car or controlling a car is what seperates amateurs from pros. At the Go with your Pro Training with David Coulthard on the 31st of July and the 1st of August 2017, your limits will be re-defined.

The main focus will be on breaking. Because how does top-speed help you, if everything goes south at the end of the straight? In the Driving Center you can play around with the KTM X-Bow until you find the racing-line. After that you'll experience the raw power of a Formula Renault 2.0. No electronic support will help you! Mark Webber will be your personal coach and help you improve your skills - and also the fun you have!

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Pro David Coulthard

David Coulthard is Mister Formula 1. He raced in 246 grand-prix for Williams, McLaren and Red Bull Racing and won 13 of those. Coulthard finished in second place in the world championship once, in thrid place three times. Having earned 482 points makes him - togehter with Nigel Mansell - the most succesful british driver, for which he was honoured by Queen Elizabeth II - he is a Member of the Order of the British Empire. After his active career ended, he started in three DTM-seasons for AMG Mercedes Benz.

The vehicles

These racing-machines will be with you at the Go with your Pro training:

Focus on breaking

You lose if you break - wrong! If you break right, you win! The two most important rules are: True racers break as late as possible. AND: Your wheels must never be blocked, otherwise you become a passenger on a journey towards the gravel. At the Go with your Pro training David Coulthard how to approach corners as best as possible and what has to be done before you turn your steering-wheel.

Requirment for participation

To participate you need a valid driving licence.

Service package

Vehicle for 2 days in the Driving Center, on the Go-Kart Track and on the Red Bull Ring, including an overnight stay at one of our hotels


GwyP-training onroad 4-wheels: € 2.988,- (2 days)
Accompanying person: € 355,- (without driving activities)

* The rates indicated refer only to driving sessions for private persons on the pre-defined dates. Different rates apply for company events that have been exclusively arranged for certain dates. Subject to change.

* Vehicles from our own fleet have two occupants during training sessions.

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