2017 April 13

WISBI "Don't crack under pressure" challenge powered by Tag Heuer

Just how fast can I go in a KTM X-Bow? 

That's what everybody wants to know. The "Don't crack under pressure" challenge powered by TAG Heuer will give you the chance to find out and simultaneously match yourself with pros such as David Coulthard.

Find your own personal limits and discover your true self. The exact timekeeping and the predetermined race course offer pure race feeling, separating the wheat from the chaff.

The Red Bull Ring is Europe's first race track to offer a WISBI challenge on a race course designed specifically for this purpose. This creates a whole new interesting and - above all - playful facet of racing which is truly accessible to anybody.

The WISBI challenge consists of a practice round followed by two timed racing rounds.

The fastest drivers on the Red Bull Ring earn themselves a place on the WISBI Wall of Fame and will compete against each other during the great finale on 26 October 2017 to find out how is the very fastest among them.

Great prizes await participants: The season’s best receive vouchers for unforgettable experiences in Spielberg.

Who can participate?

The participants of the WISBI challenge must have a valid category 3 or category B driving licence and be at least 18 years old. Good physical condition is a precondition, as is a good understanding of the German and English language.

Rules of the game

The route was specifically set up for the challenge. Any collision or short-cut manoeuvre will result in penalty times. The drivers' safety also has highest priority. A helmet equipped with a radio is provided by the Spielberg Project.

Price per person: 2 laps in a KTM X-Bow (WISBI Challenge) 60 €

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