2021 March 21

Adrenaline day at the Spielberg - try out some very special toys!

Spring couldn't get off to a better start for motorsport enthusiasts!

NOMEN EST OMEN! The Adrenaline Day on March 21st, 2021 will live up to its promise, with the motto for this year being - escape everyday life with the green light for an adrenaline rush!

Motorsport fans are to experience a day packed with racing action from 8am to 5pm with powerful cars to make their pulses race too.

The unique driving experiences just keep on coming: from the ready-to-race KTM X-Bow Experience in the Driving Center of the Red Bull Ring, to the Lead & Follow session with a Porsche 718 Cayman S on the racing circuit to the adventurous 4x4 off-road driving experiences to even the world of four-stroke karts – on the 21st of March some seriously fast cars are to set the tone at the Red Bull Ring.

Motorsport professionals will be at participants’ side showing tricks and providing tips on all aspects of cornering, braking and steering technique to help get the fans on the racing line. The result will be driving fun and the ultimate adrenaline rush! The Adrenaline Day at the Red Bull Ring is definitely a once in a lifetime experience for motorsport fans.

Cars of the ADRENALINE DAY at the Red Bull Ring at a glance:

PORSCHE 718 Cayman S: #pureracing

Participants in the Adrenaline Day will be eager to put the 350 horsepower of this luxury sports car right onto the racetrack. The Porsche 718 Cayman S accelerates from 0 to 100 in just 4.2 seconds and reaches a top speed of 285 km/h. Racing fans are guaranteed to love this car, which is primarily designed for one thing: driving fun!

KTM X-BOW: #readytorace

The KTM X-Bow is regarded as the hottest machine in the Red Bull Ring fleet and is certainly one of the nicest ways to take in the open air. With this roofless racecar, racers can not only test their driving skills but also experience a unique adrenaline rush on four wheels. With a weight of only 790 kilograms and an output of 330 horsepower, this thoroughbred racing car accelerates from 0 to 100 kmph in less than four seconds and racks up a top speed of close to 220 kmph on the asphalt.

MITSUBISHI L200: #4x4adventure

For anyone from off-road beginners to professionals, the 150 horsepower Mitsubishi L200 promises pure driving fun and endless four-wheel drive action. The route leads the participants through challenging terrain at Spielberg with steep climbs and demanding downhill passages over rocks, roots and trees. Your focus will be on keeping an ideal line and keeping your nerves in line too. The off-road tour is individually adapted to the driving ability of the participants.

OFFROAD BUGGY: #funfunfun

At the wheel of an off-road buggy, adventurers can prove both their skills and nerves. Spielberg offers varied terrain that is just waiting to be conquered with an off-road buggy. The ground with gravel, sand, mud or snow requires a real feeling for the terrain and the racing car. Crazy driving fun in the great outdoors can be expected.

FORMULA 4: #poweroption

A Formula 4 driving experience can be booked in addition to the regular program for a surcharge (subject to the weather). Participants can look forward to unbelievable acceleration, extreme cornering speed, breathtaking braking deceleration, and massive amounts of adrenaline. Every motorsport fan should treat themself to this once in their lifetime.

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All driving experiences are accompanied by professional instructors who take the special wishes and skills of the participants into account. Due to Covid restrictions, participants will drive alone in the car. The extensive hygiene concept of Projekt Spielberg guarantees compliance with all protective and safety measures.

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