An all wheel drive expedition with breath-taking views

Negotiating 2,000 kilograms of metal through 550 hectares of magnificent nature 1,600 metres above sea level: These are the figures that characterise a truly special adventure tour resembling an expedition around the Spielberg.

Lush green and knotty logs of wood appear right in front of the round headlamps as you negotiate rocky logging roads and roots sticking out of the forest floor in your all wheel drive vehicle. Exploring this breath-taking landscape on four wheels is a dream come true. Guided tours at the Offroad Car Track, not far from the Red Bull Ring, offer everything the petrol-pumping hearts of true offroad-adventurers desire.

Exchange the asphalt desert for the “Styrian jungle”

Every expedition needs an explorer: At 122 hp and 2,000 kg, the Land Rover Defender is THE offroad legend that you will steer as you follow our experienced instructors around the 550-hectare offroad playground. Varied sections provide different levels of difficulty far removed from paved ground you will have to master as a convoy. Could an adventurous spirit ask for any more? The tour starts 800 metres above sea level and works its way up through treacherous terrain and glorious nature up to – depending on the weather – 1,600 metres above sea level.

Driving fun meets adrenaline rush

The demanding terrain of the Offroad Car Track guarantees pure driving fun and lots of 4x4-adrenaline. Find the perfect track when ascending steep gradients and make sure you maintain your line and keep calm as you go downhill. Rocks, roots and trees provide obstacles you will have to overcome on your way. The routes can thereby be adapted to the participants’ driving skills to ensure that everybody – from offroad-beginners to pros – get their money’s worth on the Offroad Car Track.

Special stages AWD-style

Still craving more adventure? Upon request, we can integrate various special stages* into the guided tour that will demand all your driving experience. When driving onto the see-saw, you will have to find the right balance with your offroad-vehicle. The “simulated bridge” consisting of two tree trunks must be crossed in reverse – without touching the ground, of course. Finally, the trail obstacle course separates the men from the boys. Our experienced instructors are always there to help out with advice and hints – let the adventure begin!

By the way: You can also take the guided tour at the Offroad Car Track in your own vehicle. All you need is an offroad car with all wheel drive and offroad tires.

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*Upon request, against surcharge


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