2017 September 22

F3 at Red Bull Ring: The strongest Habsburg of all time

Ferdinand Habsburg is a rookie in the FIA Formula 3 Championship but he’s already scored his first win. The penultimate round of the season will be at the Red Bull Ring on September 23 and 24, 2017, and Ferdinand will be there. We caught up with the grandson of the Austro-Hungarian emperor and asked him about his relationship with Spielberg and his new helmet design in red-white-red.


Servus Ferdinand! Your first FIA Formula 3 season comes to an end – how satisfied are you with your rookie year?

If I look at my progress in this year’s season, I’m satisfied. Of course it would have been nicer if my learning curve was more steep at the beginning but that it’s come together well in time for my home race in Spielberg, which is more than nice.

You finished out of the points in Silverstone but then drove to a debut win in Belgium. Do you know why there was such a dramatic difference in your performances?

That’s just Formula 3. You have good weekends and weekends where nothing goes to plan. There’s good and bad luck and some track suit you better than others. I’ve been able to show my true potential after the Norisring and if you want to look it in that light then my win at Spa was deserved. And as you gain more experience you become more consistent.

What can fans expect from you at the Red Bull Ring?

A Ferdinand Habsburg that is much stronger than in previous years and who will be starting the race with a lot of self-confidence.

Does the track here at Spielberg suit you?

Actually not really, I’ve got some problems with the corners. Even so, oddly enough I often get a result at the Red Bull Ring which is why I like this track.

What is your favourite part of the Red Bull Ring?

The penultimate corner. You need to be really brave to get through it fast. And I am always fast there [laughs].

What is the most challenging part, talking as a driver?

T5, it’s the first left-hander after almost 3km. When you get there you haven’t been using your tyres that much so they’ve cooled down and it’s really hard to hold the car under control.

Do you have anything special planned for your home race?

Yes, I’ve got a new helmet specially for the race that’s been decorated in Austria’s colours. I’m very proud to be racing here and I’m looking forward to it!

What are your plans for next season? Will you stay with Carlin?

We have yet to sign anything. Things change fast in Formula 3 so at the moment we’re keeping all our options open. But I’d like to stay here, Carlin is a super team and I’m happy to be racing with this squad. But there is nothing signed yet.

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