LMP3 at the Red Bull Ring: Endurance Cars "Tech Check"

How does a Endurance car look inside? How much is the maximum price for the chassis? How much horse power does the engine have? And why does a driver only have 7 seconds to leave the cockpit? We took a tour at the French ELMS M.RACING – YMR team to get the answers to those questions.

On Sunday the European Le Mans Series will start at 13:00 o’clock into the „4 hours of Red Bull Ring“ and there will be three categories aiming for victories: LMP2, LMP3 and LMGTE. There is no entry charge for visitors.

We did take a closer look – here is the LMP3 “Tech Check”:

Closed Cockpit

The Cockpit of the LMP3 category has to be closed and must be equipped with two doors. There is a security point that has to be fulfilled to be allowed to race: The driver must be able to leave the car in at least seven seconds in full racing gear. If he leaves the car through the passenger side nine seconds are allowed.

100 Litres tank volume

Brakes are made of steel and a maximum diameter of 380 millimeters is allowed. The Michelin tires are having 28”, a maximum tank capacity is 100 liters. The gearbox comes with 6 forward and one rear gearing.

Maximum Costs

This is how an entry level Le Mans prototype looks from the inside. The complete car, including the engine, must not exceed the price of 206.000 Euros. An additional term is, that a manufacturer should – in theory – at least sell five cars per year.

8 cylinders, 420 HP

The aspirated engine of the cars is delivered by Nissan and has 8 cylinders with around 420 HP. To save costs and to guarantee equal opportunities, also the gearbox (X-Trac) and electronics (Magnetti Marelli) are standardised.

Minimum weight: 900 Kilos

This is how the comofort-less working place of a 4 hours endurance race car looks like. At a maximum of 1.5 hours a driver has to make a break. The LMP3 cars have to have a minimum weight of 900 kilos and may maximum have a length of 4.650 millimetres and a width of maximum 1.900 millimetres.

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