Lucas Auer unbeatable during the DTM weekend in Spielberg!

We talk to the shooting star of the German Touring Car Championship about the secrets of his success, headlines he would like to read about him and the season’s most demanding corner.

Hi Lucas! Provided you finish the race, you are always good for a place on the rostrum. Why are you so strong this season?

Experience. The past has shown that you need three to four years in the DTM to be able to deliver top performance consistently. I have made meticulous plans for this season for I know what I need to win in the DTM.

And what’s that?

It’s all about details regarding physical and mental strength and the right team constellation. But also about racking up many, many miles on track. This is why I participated in the ADAC GT Masters at the Red Bull Ring or race karts – always aimed at seeing the chequered flag.

How has your life changed since you became the DTM’s new shooting star?

I enjoy more media attention which is very nice. On the one hand, it’s great when they write about my positive performance and on the other, it makes our sport more popular.

In the last few races, you suffered many DNFs, some of them were not your fault. How do you deal with bad luck and fate?

It’s really tough, but part of the game. For me, it’s important to be among the top 8 in qualifying. That proves that I’m up there. Anything can happen in the race though, and some of it is sh... But every new day is a new opportunity and live goes on.

I know you don’t want to think about the DTM title. But let’s play ‘what if...’ shall we? What would the title mean for your career?

Of course, the title would be an awesome achievement in my career for it would allow me to get myself out there as one of the best drivers in one of the best racing series. Yet at the moment, I can’t and won’t think about this. 56 points are up for grabs every week and a lot can happen in every race. I can allow myself to think about the title two races before the end of the season. Anything else would just drive me nuts. Right now, I think from race to race.

The DTM series will have its penultimate event from 22 to 24 September at the Red Bull Ring. What would you like to read about yourself in the newspapers the next day?

Hmmm... Ideally: Lucas Auer unbeatable during the DTM weekend in Spielberg.

Gerhard Berger will become the DTM’s new boss in 2017 and his nephew is the main contender for the title in this season. Sounds like the script for a movie...

Yeah, that sounds a bit like Hollywood but for me, Gerhard’s joining the DTM hasn’t really changed anything. In the car, I’m always on my own – that’s where I have to perform and I work my ass off to achieve maximum results.

How would you describe your relationship with the Red Bull Ring?

I’m really looking forward to my home race. The track and the spectators are just awesome. In fact, there is no other place where I feel more at home than Spielberg. I hope we will provide a great show with lots of neck-and-neck racing for the fans – with me right in the middle.

What’s your favourite passage of the Red Bull Ring?

The penultimate corner right before the pit lane entrance. It’s not so much my favourite passage but surely one of the most demanding corners in the entire DTM season. I bow my head to everyone who gets this corner completely right.

Any message for the fans? Why should they come to the DTM at the Red Bull Ring?

Because it will be a perfect racing weekend with a cool atmosphere. We offer brutal racing action with lots of overtakes, body contact and an Austrian driver.

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