Please rise for our national anthem, performed by Opus!

Shortly before 3.00 pm on 30 June, the moment all motorsport fans at the Red Bull Ring and all over the world have waited for, will finally be here: The official start of the “Formula 1 myWorld Großer Preis von Österreich 2019”.

At 14:54 sharp, however, the spectators will once more rise from their seats to hear the Austrian national anthem reverberate from the surrounding hills and mountains – this year performed by the most successful Styrian band of all time: Opus!

Prior to Opus’ performance we have talked to guitarist Ewald Pfleger – about the Red Bull Ring as a big international stage and about what this home gig means to the musicians.

How are you feeling, just a few days before your home gig?

We're doing great! It is a great honour for all of us to perform the Austrian national anthem and to represent our country. We are very much looking forward to Sunday!

How does one approach such a project?

In the run-up we have thought about different interpretations and did some research on what versions are already out there. We found out that most versions are antiquated and somewhat conservative renditions. We were thinking of a more rocking version and that’s the one we went for in the end. I think it turned out amazing.

The Red Bull Ring is often used for international performances. What do you guys think about the venue?

As Styrians, we are proud of what has been accomplished here. The Ring is a great thing for Austria and it’s equally great that Austrians are regularly going for glory in motorsport.

Talking about motorsport. Are you Formula 1 fans?

Not your typical ones, no. But the race on Sunday is a fixture for us, that’s for sure. We were given grandstand tickets and will mingle with the people.

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