“Those who like powerful V8 engines will love it!”

With nine Grand Prix wins in Formula 1 and one title in the World Endurance Championship, Mark Webber is also well known as a globetrotter in motorsport. We spoke to the Australian and discussed the differences between the race series, the allure of driving in the European Le Mans Series (ELMS) and the Red Bull Ring as a challenge.

Hello Mark. Recently, Formula 1 took place at the Red Bull Ring, now it's the WEC. Which of them excites you more?

The difference is like day and night, but I love both. In Formula 1 there are more lone fighters and the cars are more aggressive, while you have more teamwork and tactics in World Endurance Championship. Furthermore, you have three different race series; LMP2, LMP3 and LMGTE. This is very special.

Why is ELMS something not to miss out for motorsport fans?

The ELMS has an unbelievable number of different race cars and they are really loud. Those who like powerful V8 engines will love it. To experience the speed differences of the race cars is absolutely thrilling. The Red Bull Ring is a very short track for endurance races, so tight and hard races will be guaranteed.

From a driver's point of view, what challenges does the Red Bull Ring offer?

Definitely turn one. All the drivers need to fight for positions there, and the racing line for the following uphill passage. It is a thrilling section with more than 30 vehicles. You also have the famous steep braking zones and banked corners at the Red Bull Ring, which are really tricky. There you go into the corner blind, because you do not see the apex. This is definitely the opposite of easy, no matter if you're driving an F1, endurance or a roadster.

Your message to the fans?

ELMS is definitely something to watch, so every fan needs to visit it. It is such a special form of motorsport and worth seeing.

Furthermore, the entry is free…

That’s true, that is an additional point!

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