We are shifting down a gear!

Visitors and motorsport fans will be welcome at the Red Bull Ring again soon!

Due to the restrictions currently in place in Austria, Projekt Spielberg and the Red Bull Ring are shifting their operations down a gear until at least 6 December.

Until then, the Red Bull Ring, including its race track operations, driving experiences, Welcome Center (with its vehicle exhibition & Red Bull Ring Tour), Fan Shop and Wing Café will be closed to visitors.

Preparations for the winter on the ring event with its adrenaline-packed activities are very much continuing, however.

Due to the restrictions imposed by the Austrian government, all of our hotels and restaurants in and around the Red Bull Ring are also closed until 6 December.

We will keep you informed of any changes to this and eventual reopening plans. We hope to see you again in Spielberg soon.

Should you have any questions about the current situation, you are very welcome to contact us directly!


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