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Dear guests,

we enhance our service while reducing waiting-times. Thanks to the new “Cashless Payment System” and the easy and secure way to use it you will have more time to enjoy your experience at the Spielberg. From the 1st of April you don’t need cash anymore, but pay by using your “cashless-card” at the whole area – with a few exceptions.

Please note: Outside of our events you can still pay by using cash, atm- or credit-cards in all our hotels and restaurants and at the Red Bull Ring. During events like the “Formula 1 Grand Prix von Österreich 2017” and the “NeroGiardini Motorrad Grand Prix von Österreich” only the “Cashless Payment System” will be available for payments inside the event-area.


The newly introduced „Cashless Payment System“ will enhance your experience while visiting the Spielberg with an easy and secure way to pay. From now you will only be able to pay cashless on the whole area by using a “cashless-card”. It will not be possible to bay cash anymore – with a few exceptions.

Here we will describe all ways of using the new system. Should you still have a question, don’t hesitate to contact

Which technology is being used? How does the system work?

The technology is called “RFID”. RFID stands for “radio frequency identification”. This technology used for cashless payment systems and access-control – among other uses.

The “cashless-card” is an RFID-medium that is first loaded with cash, atm- or credit-card on site and can from then on be used to pay, while the credit on the card is reduced by the consumed amount each time. This system is used at major events to reduce cash-handling and waiting-times and it guarantees transparency and security. Another advantage: It complies with Austrian laws regarding cash-registers by providing receipts of all transactions online.

Is the system a secure way to pay?

State-of-the-art chip-technology combined and the generally high level of encryption makes the system a very secure way to pay. Offline-compatibility further enhances stability of the system.

What is a “cashless-card”?

By using the cashless-card it becomes possible to pay without using cash on site. The credit-card-sized card has an RFID-chip and is loaded on site. Each card has a uniqe number called UID-number. By using that number on the website “” access to all receipts from all payments is possible. Remaining credit can also be transferred by using this website.

How do I get a “cashless-card”?

All year round: The “cashless-card” can be obtained on site at the “Welcome Center” and in all hotels and restaurants affiliated with the Projekt Spielberg (Hotel Steirerschlössl, Landhotel Schönberghof, Hotel G‘Schlössl Murtal, Hotel Hofwirt und im Hotel Schloss Gabelhofen) during regular opening hours.

How do I load money on my “cashless-card”?

The card can be loaded on site anytime and how often you want at each of the stations by using cash, atm- or credit-cards. During events those stations will be on site. Outside of events they can be found in the “Welcome Center” and all hotels and restaurants affiliated with the Projekt Spielberg (Hotel Steirerschlössl, Landhotel Schönberghof, Hotel G‘Schlössl Murtal, Hotel Hofwirt und im Hotel Schloss Gabelhofen).

How much does a “cashless-card” cost?

The “cashless-card” and loading it is free of charge. When you first get your card a deposit of € 3,- will be taken from your credit. By returning the card on site your credit and the deposit will be returned.

Is there a deposit?

When you first get your card a deposit of € 3,- will be taken from your credit.

The deposit can only be refunded if you return your cashless-card on-site. A refund cannot be done via online-transfer.

What is the “UID-number” on the back of the card for?

This unique 14-digit number on the back of your “cashless-card” can be used on the website “” to follow your payments and consumption. Additionally all receipts from every consumption paid by using the “cashless-card” can be found there. Remaining credit can be transferred back to you by using this portal.

How long is a “cashless-card” valid?

Generally there is no expiration-date on a “cashless-card”. Credit on your card can be used during all events at the Spielberg as well as during the whole year at the Spielberg and in all affiliated hotels and restaurants.

How does paying with the “cashless-card” work?

As soon as the “cashless-card” has been loaded, it can be used for paying. The “cashless-card” has to be held towards the reader at the register, the amount in question will be transferred immediately – easy and secure. The amount used can always be checked at the display. The remaining amount of money on the card is also shown.

I don’t have enough credit on my “cashless-card” – what can I do?

No problem! The “cashless-card” can be reloaded any time as often as you like. Remaining credit can be transferred back to you any time – also online from your home.

Where can I find loading-stations during an event?

The supervised stations can be found at all entrances and exits to the area and are easily visible. You will get your “cashless-card” there, load it, credit checked and remaining credit paid back during opening hours of the station.

Can I load my "cashless-card" with vouchers?

Yes, you can load your "cashless-card" with vouchers at our loading stations.

IMPORTANT: Credit from vouchers cannot be transferred back to you.

What advantages do I have by using the “Cashless Payment System”?

By using this easy and secure way to pay, queues can be reduced – looking for adequate change will not be necessary. All receipts can be found online and the time it takes to pay is reduced to seconds. On top of that, security is enhanced as well as transparency.

How can I check my remaining credit and my consumption?

Everytime the “cashless-card” is used, the remaining credit is shown on the display. Staff at all loading-stations will also check your credit anytime.

You can also check your credit whenever you want by using the 14-digit UID-number on the the website “”. The Spielberg App offers another comfortable way to check your credit any time.

  • Android-users can download the Spielberg App from the Play Store HERE.
  • iPhone-users can download the Spielberg App from the App Store HERE.
Where can I find receipts for my payments?

All receipts from the consumption from the gastronomy can be found online. By using the 14-digit UID-number, which can be found on the back side of your card, log in on the website of “”. Click “Transactions” to find downloadable receipts for every payment you made. The receipts of the consumption in the restaurants / hotels, the fan shop and the driving experience can be found directly on site.

Can I use the “cashless-card” together with a friend?

Credit on the card is not transferable to other cards. But of course any card can be used by several persons and the card itself is transferable.

Do I have to personalize my card? What does it mean?

Personalization of the card can be done online at “” after logging in using the 14-digit UID-number. Your name and e-mail-adress have to entered. Personalization is not obligatory, but can be an advantage if you lose the “cashless-card” and save your credit.

What are the advantages of personalizing my “cashless-card”?

If you lose your card it can be disabled if it was personalized by using your name as soon as the loss is reported. Please keep in mind that disabling your card can take a little. No liability can be accepted for lost credit.

What do I do if I lose my card?

Please immediately report this to one of our loading-stations during event or at the “Welcome Center” or one of our hotels and restaurants during the rest of the year.

How do I get my money back from my “cashless-card”?

On site: During events please use one of the loading-stations, where your credit will be paid back.

Online: Remaining credit can be returned by using the 14-digit UID-number on the back of the card at the website “” and following instructions at “Pay-Out”. Transferring your remaining credit to an account in Austria doesn’t cause additional cost and can take up to seven working-days. The deposit cannot be transferred.

Please note: If you requested a transfer of your remaining balance online, the card can not be used or reloaded anymore.

My “cashless-card” doesn’t work – who can help?

Just contact our staff at one of the loading-stations.

I have requested a transfer of my remaining credit but the money didn’t arrive – who can help?
What currency is being used?

Only Euros will be used. There is no additional currency.

I have questions about the system – who can I ask?

In case of further questions regarding the “Cashless Payment System”, please contact

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