The Red Bulletin – keeping the pulse of the top series of motorsport at Spielberg

Spielberg Formula 1 Special with behind the scenes stories straight from the paddock and beyond.

The Red Bulletin’s motorsport insider is really going to town again this year for the back-to-back Grands Prix, with all the gossip from the heart of F1 – the paddock – but also by exploring the region around the Red Bull Ring in an intensive and entertaining way. 

It spoke to the fastest, most powerful, popular, smartest and most important figures in the glamorous world of F1 as well as some of those who work tirelessly behind the scenes to make a Grand Prix weekend possible.

The Red Bulletin does not only scratch the surface – it dives right in and shines a spotlight on some surprising perspectives and really crucial elements in the incredible world of Formula 1. Away from the hard facts and fractions of a second, there is no shortage of fun. The production team have come up with some really original ideas, as you can see for example here.

Some appetisers are online here. Formula 1 fans who don‘t make it to the Red Bull Ring this year to get a copy hot off the press can find the entire work with all its exquisite details in the online edition here.

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