Car Park

Located to the northeast of the paddock, this building serves a home for a pool of sports cars. 49 parking spaces accommodate all the vehicles required for the driving dynamics programme on the race track, in the Driving Center and on offroad areas (including 12 KTM X-Bows, 9 Formula 4, 2 Formel Renaults 3.5 and many more two or four-wheeled vehicles). The venue is also ideal for product launches/presentations, thanks to a seminar room offering great views of the racing track. The washing facilities and workshops can also be used for the presentation of new vehicles.

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Alongside the garages, which are equipped with space-saving parklift systems, the car park includes a washing-bay with a high-pressure jet wash, as well as three generously sized garages. Thanks to the room height of 4 metres and the door height of 3.5 metres, the garages are also accessible for larger cars and light-duty commercial vehicles.

The Spielberg
Red Bull Ring

Spielberg is not only a breathtaking region with beautiful countryside - it's a genuine amusement park, with the legendary Red Bull Ring at its centre. The 4.318-kilometre circuit is categorized "Grade A" by the Fèdèration Internationale de l'Automative (FIA), hosted the Austrian Grand Prix from 1996 to 2003 and can be split in to two separate tracks: north and south.

Mitsubishi Motors
Red Bull