Driving Center

We don’t offer any crash courses at the Driving Center of the Red Bull Ring. We make good car drivers faster and prepare them for life on the race track. Our instructors are not only trained in how to teach, but they are also among the fastest people on two or four wheels in the entire country.

With a total area of 46,000 m², it features a skid pad, a steep downward slope, a circular track and an approx. 1,600-metre-long floodable car-handling course. The Driving Centre has its own facilities, including a briefing room, pits and a generously sized viewing terrace.

The Spielberg
Red Bull Ring

Spielberg is not only a breathtaking region with beautiful coutryside - it's a genuine amusement park, with the legendary Red Bull Ring at its centre. The 4.318-kilometre circuit is categorized "Grade A" by the Fèdèration Internationale de l'Automative (FIA), hosted the Austrian Grand Prix from 1996 to 2003 and can be split in to two separate tracks: north and south.

Red Bull Ring

The perfect blend of adrenalin and fuel: The Red Bull Ring. A racetrack that resembles an adventure park, which has been homologised by the FIA ...

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Red Bull Wing: welcome centre, information, café, fan-shop, tourist office

Your gateway to the Red Bull Ring and the World of Spielberg.

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Pit Building, VIP Lounges, Bull's Lane, Media Lounge, Race Control

The pit building includes four 200 m² VIP lounges that can be joined up, if necessary, to create a larger space. Light rooms with exclusive ...

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Driving Center

We make good car drivers faster and prepare them for life on the race track.

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Car Park

Located to the northeast of the paddock, this building serves as a home for the own pool of sports cars.

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