Pit Building, VIP Lounges, Bull's Lane, Media Lounge, Race Control

Fast and beautiful

The pit building at the Red Bull Ring is a statement for clean and pure architecture. The initial idea was to have a pit building that is more than the usual functional building, but aesthetically accentuated and technically state-of-the-art. It thereby not only fulfills the requirements of modern motosports, but also creates an exceptional area for conferences, incentives und presentations.


The pit building includes four 200 m² VIP lounges that can be joined up, if necessary, to create a larger space. Light rooms with exclusive furnishings, well-equipped catering and event facilities, state-of-the-art technology and an impressive view of the Red Bull Ring from the 2,500 m² roof terrace all add up to create the ideal venue for conferences and seminars.

Bull’s Lane

Bull’s Lane is an exclusive bistro that can accommodate up to 80 people indoors and a further 100 guests outside on the terrace, for events such as BBQs. The menu combines contemporary Styrian cuisine with classic sports bar dishes such as burgers and steaks. But it’s not just the food that will get your guests excited. The breathtaking views of the start and finish line and pit lane make for an unforgettable motorsport experience – even if there aren’t any tyres racing over the track.

Media Lounge

The 345 m² media lounge in the pit building is designed to hold over 200 people and offers impressive views of the Red Bull Ring. As well as serving as a media lounge for motorsport events, it can be used for seminars, conferences and other official occasions. Thanks to the adjacent VIP lounge, the total area can be increased to around 1,200 m2, and is fully equipped with the latest seminar technology – making it suitable for corporate events of all shapes and sizes.

Race Control and Time Keeping

44 monitors that are operated using 26 cameras provide a seamless view of the race track.

Pit Building

There are 32  boxes, each about 120 square metres in zise, all in accordance with international sport requirements. 

The Spielberg
Red Bull Ring

Spielberg is not only a breathtaking region with beautiful countryside - it's a genuine amusement park, with the legendary Red Bull Ring at its centre. The 4.318-kilometre circuit is categorized "Grade A" by the Fèdèration Internationale de l'Automative (FIA), hosted the Austrian Grand Prix from 1996 to 2003 and can be split in to two separate tracks: north and south.

Mitsubishi Motors
Red Bull