Red Bull Ring

Hermann Tilke, the world's most renowned race circuit designer himself, took on the task of designing the new Red Bull Ring. The result: a racetrack reminiscent of an adventure park, homologized by FIA as "Grade A".

The length of 4.318 km corresponds to the Grand Prix circuit during the period from 1996 to 2003. Two junctions on the racetrack allow for a separation into a northern and a southern track. The lower section (2.4 km) is also suited for major events and uses the main facility's infrastructure. The northern section, with a length of 1.9 km, can be used as additional space for events. A special feature of this racetrack is the difference in altitude (maximum uphill slope of 12 %, maximum downhill slope of 9.3 %).

Green light for the heroes of the track - motorsport events at the Red Bull Ring

With the inauguration of the Red Bull Ring in May of 2011, the grand tradition of motor sports entered a new era. Since then, high-class racing events such as the ADAC GT Masters, Formula 1 or MotoGP have been thrilling the fans. You will be hard-pressed to find a place where you can truly immerse yourself in the world of racing as thoroughly as at the Red Bull Ring.

Motorsport events at the Red Bull Ring

Taking joyrides to the limit - limitless driving experiences at the Red Bull Ring

A car park filled with extraordinary vehicles, from Formula Renault to KTM X-Bows and from rallye and high-speed off-road vehicles to Enduro and trial bikes - the Red Bull Ring guarantees unforgettable driving experiences. Here, anything is possible – as long as it’s related to petrol, acceleration and adrenaline. This is not least made possible by the many tracks off the tarmac, which offer a true Eldorado for motorsport fans in the immediate surroundings of the circuit. Whether you prefer four wheels or two, tarmac or off-road, racing or pure fun rides: with its diverse repertoire, the Red Bull Ring has just the right thing for everybody.

Driving experiences at the Red Bull Ring

The Spielberg
Red Bull Ring

Spielberg is not only a breathtaking region with beautiful countryside - it's a genuine amusement park, with the legendary Red Bull Ring at its centre. The 4.318-kilometre circuit is categorized "Grade A" by the Fèdèration Internationale de l'Automative (FIA), hosted the Austrian Grand Prix from 1996 to 2003 and can be split in to two separate tracks: north and south.

Mitsubishi Motors
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