Tire changes from a different world

Red Bull Racing takes off to the world’s first zero-G pit stop: 22 seconds of zero gravity 10,000 metres above the earth.

From Silverstone to zero gravity via Hockenheim and São Paulo: Red Bull Racing has broken the world record for pit stops a whop-ping three times in 2019. First came Silverstone, where they set it at 1.9 seconds, only to beat their own record at Hockenheim with an astonishing 1.88 seconds. At the Grand Prix of Brazil, they slashed another 6 hundredths off their own time, contributing to Max Verstappen's victory at São Paulo with an out-of-this-world 1.82 seconds! Simply unbeatable in this realm, a Red Bull Racing crew literally took off to new horizons, attempting to perform the ultimate zero-G pit stop!

Changing tires in orbit

Supported by the Russian space travel agency Roscosmos the team shipped a Red Bull Racing car to the Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut training centre at Star City close to Moscow. Following a one-week crash course for cosmonauts, the 16 pit crew members boarded an Ilyushin II-76 MDK cosmonaut training plane and took off.

22 seconds of zero gravity 10,000 metres above ground

After its excursions to the Himalayas, the Dead Sea and following Formula 1 show runs on snow, ice and desert sand, the Red Bull Racing show car team has set its bar even higher: For the first time, it performed a pit stop 10,000 metres above the earth! Every flight consisted of a series of parabolas during which the plane ascended at an angle of 45 degrees to then drop prescribing a bal-listic arch during which the crew experienced zero gravity for 22 seconds before climbing again.

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Mark Willis (Support Team Coordinator): “My stomach didn’t revolt, but I felt like my head was about to explode. I needed to or three attempts to even notice what was going on. My brain wasn’t able to process it. I have been involved in extraordinary projects before, from doing a slalom with our car on the snow of Kitzbühel to a show run on the salt lakes of Argentina. We went to odd places and performed odd stunts, but this is probably the most odd thing we have ever done, but also the most unique. There’s nothing like it!”

Joe Robinson (Support Team Chief Mechanic): “This project turned out to be more difficult than I thought. You only realise how much you rely on gravity when it’s no longer there! You are forced to think and act differently. It was simply unreal, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and to be honest with you, I could have stayed there the entire month, doing it over and over again. It must have been the coolest and most fun thing the crew ever experienced with a show car!”

Details on the Red Bull Racing Zero Gravity Project, the zero-G film and exclusive video material with behind-the-scene insights can be found here.

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