You’re soooo Spielberg! Legends quiz on the motorsport capital of Austria!

The district of Spielberg is a hidden capital of Austria – at least for motorsport fans. The Red Bull Ring is the racing circuit for the elite series of Formula 1 and MotoGP, with the DTM, IDM and ADAC GT Masters also visiting here while pros offer the Red Bull Ring Driving and Riding Experience. What do we actually know though about the area where Austrian motorsport history has been made for decades?

Spielberg has three mayors, a delightful area with a name, Einhörn, that is near identical to the German for unicorn, a population that can become 40 times bigger on a Grand Prix weekend, and you can‘t find alcohol after midnight...but is this all true?

We asked several legends of the sport - Gerhard Berger, Mark Webber, Alexander Albon, Thomas Dreßen and Marco Odermatt. Those who know their stuff are being honoured with the title of ‘You’re soooo Spielberg!’

The episodes show who is leading the way in the legends’ quiz:

Episode 1:

Mitsubishi Motors
Red Bull